Say Thank You, Celebrities: Why Jimmy Fallon Is The King of Late Night & A PR Dream

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon - Season 4

The way in which musicians, actors, record labels and studios market their products has not only dramatically changed in the last 10 years ago – but has changed in the last year alone and will continue to change. Beyonce dropped an entire album on iTunes with any *actual* marketing (you could argue that the entire year building up to that, the Superbowl, the HBO documentary was self promotion). Instagram videos are now an actual marketing tool used by studios to promote feature films. Actively having and using a Twitter account to promote your latest movie is almost as important as having any reputable skills. It is no longer safe for studios to simply release several posters, trailers and TV spots for a movie anymore – they need to go the extra mile to ensure their product will return a profit. And, in turn, celebrities seem to be going the extra mile to make sure they keep their jobs. How? By using whatever platform is available to them. It is more than marketing the product anymore – celebrities are now consciously marketing themselves. Marketing what exactly? Their likability! And Jimmy Fallon is willing to help them with that.

There was a time when simply appearing in a cold open of Saturday Night Live after a big scandal broke could salvage your career. Why? It made you seem likeable and that you were able to make fun of yourself. That really isn’t enough anymore; while Saturday Night Live is relevant, it’s still not exactly in tune with the instantaneous of this generation. Did you accidentally throw some slur words at paparazzi while leaving LAX and your big sequel comes out in 4 days and you need to do some backpedaling quick? Well, you can’t wait until Saturday because the movie opens on Friday and the first day box-office gross is important. Well, look no further than Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy Fallon is the King of Late Night. I am declaring this right here and right now. We don’t have to wait another two years to figure this out because it should be very clear to you that it is very much the truth. No other late night host goes viral moments after a sketch or interview airs. No other late night host goes viral several times in one week. No other late night host is doing what Jimmy Fallon is doing right now and doing so successfully. This is not a question of whether you like him or not. This is not a question about whether or not he is a good interviewer. Jimmy Fallon is getting the job NBC and his guests want done – viewers, headlines, clicks, repeat. And, in turn, celebrities are getting whatever extra boost they need – if they even need it. For example: Emma Stone is incredibly well liked around the world and is a pretty major movie star free of any flaws. So she didn’t need to do that lip-synch battle with Jimmy Fallon earlier this year to promote The Amazing Spider-Man 2 but it also didn’t hurt either (the video currently has 32 million views and counting). Most celebrities are not Emma Stone though. Most celebrities are, for example, Halle Berry.

Halle Berry is a successful actress that is a household name but doesn’t really move you either way. Halle Berry isn’t really known for her likability or general hilariousness, so to help promote her summer TV series, Extant, she went on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In addition to the actual interview, Halle appeared in a sketch that had her and Jimmy literally just rolling on the floor and she also participated in charades. I’ll repeat: Halle Berry rolled on the floor and played charades to get you to watch her show. It was arguably her best work to date. Halle Berry 10 years ago, at her most famous, probably would not have done this – a simple interview was more than enough. But the bare minimum is no longer enough. Jimmy Fallon got Brad Pitt to appear in a skit of them having a break dance battle last night (in order to promote his new movie Fury, of course). Brad Pitt break-dancing. For laughs & for promotion. What is this world? Are you a celebrity who is conscious that you’re not entirely well liked? Are you, for example, Anne Hathaway? Why not sing rap-songs in a hilarious manner to help your likability factor and even take aim at your critics (yes you, you Hathahatin bitches)? Going on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon offers you a simple, fast and easy way to get out of any sticky situation, promote whatever it is you have to promote and, if willing, have some fun.

If you’re not free or willing to commit to hosting Saturday Night Live or a day long shoot for a Funny or Die video, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon offers celebrities the same kind of exposure but without the commitment, difficulty and the strings attached. I want to like Robin Wright outside of House of Cards, so having her dance ridiculously will for sure help that. Charlize Theron is pretty polarizing; having her play charades sure did make me at least consider going to see A Million Ways To Die In The West (I still didn’t see it but it helped). Hey remember when Zac Efron went to rehab for being addicted to cocaine and then was found under a really sketchy bridge in L.A just weeks before his blockbuster comedy Neighbors was set to open? Having him dress up as a girl sure did make me forget about all of that!

Celebrities doing things with talk-show hosts is nothing new. It’s been happening forever; Ellen has kind of been doing this same sort of thing since she started (remember when she hit Sandra Bullock over the head with a bottle? Memories!) but not to this kind of success that I’d argue is almost imperative to a celebrities and their promotion schedule. I’d also argue that if you’re a celebrity and you don’t engage with Jimmy in some way when on his show, well that’s just silly.


Emily Blunt Is Selling ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ All By Herself, And It’s Working

Every generation there is a chosen one…

Sorry, I’ve started my Buffy rewatch…but there is a connection. In every Tom Cruise movie, there is female lead 20 years his junior. In Tom Cruise’s personal life, there is female lead who is 20 years his junior. They all do their best to sell the product, but not all of them show up for the job or are up for it. Emily Blunt has started doing press for Edge of Tomorrow, and while Emma Stone did a great job selling The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (I’ve watched that lipsynch video probably 100 times), Emily Blunt is doing this all on her own. If you’ve noticed, Tom hasn’t done much, if any, North American press yet (but he’s coming…) and she’s already appeared on both Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel to promote the film. On both shows she’s funny, charming, engaging and does an amazing Tom Cruise impression. No, seriously, can we get a super cut of her impression because it’s a game changer (it’s the way she says “…it’s…a challenge” on Kimmel that does it in for me).

So Emily Blunt’s sold me on Edge of Tomorrow (though I’m in the minority that was already sold on this movie) but at the same time, why hasn’t *it* happened for her yet. She’s had several attempts at becoming a really big star (she was fairly close to being Black Widow) but still isn’t a household name. To many, she’s still “the one from The Devil Wears Prada“. Which, fine, she’s still ours. We haven’t outgrown her or are annoyed with. In fact, these kind of interviews are a treat and I am looking forward to her being overexposed for the next few weeks.

Maybe it’s a good thing she hasn’t broken…

So, About ‘The How I Met Your Mother’ Finale


The finale for a series is a tricky thing to accomplish. If you know it’s coming, it’s something you have to plan which is a weird thing. With a film, the ending is definite and intentional with the initial conception of the plot; it is a singular thing. With television, if your series is lucky (or unlucky) enough to run 8, 9, or 10 years, how do you wrap that all up in an hour? You can’t. You can…but you can’t. That’s why finales are, generally, so displeasing. When you look back on a series, is the finale ever your favourite episode? Probably not.

Tonight marked the end of How I Met Your Mother’s 9 year run. It’s been…exhausting. I had a falling out with the show this year. I was initially so excited for the final season; the setting seemed original. But then it just became so grating. Admittedly, I watched maybe a handful of episodes from the final season but I planted myself on the couch for the full hour of the finale. So, let’s discuss. This is very obvious but because there are idiots out there: spoilers ahead. You were warned.


Let’s Talk About Last Night’s Episode of ‘The Good Wife’


I’ve been meaning to write about The Good Wife for some time now. I watched the first 4 and a half seasons in about 2 weeks last month and it’s one of my better life choice. In all seriousness, if you consider yourself a true watcher of TV and you are NOT watching The Good Wife, you’re doing it wrong. It’s on CBS, sure. It’s a procedural, yes. But it’s so much more than those two things. It’s not just for your parents, TRUST ME. It’s quietly the best show on TV. I wish it was titled House of Cards because it is so much more appropriate for this show. Just…just trust me. But, before I go on….




CONTEST: Enter For Your Chance To Win A Copy of The ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie On DVD!


Dear Marshmallows,

Tomorrow (or late tonight) is the day we’ve waited a long time for. And, to celebrate, I’ve got your chance to win a copy of the Veronica Mars movie on DVD (to be released May).

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Dear Marshmallows: The ‘Veronica Mars’ Movie Is Getting Good Reviews

We’re 5 days away from the release of the Veronica Mars movie. Can you stand it? I can’t wait. When are you going? I’m going Friday night and it’s going to be 100 minutes of me punching those I’m going with. I just re-watched the entire series; I genuinely believe the show remains ahead of it’s time.


Anyways, the movie has been screening for critics this week and made it’s SXSW premiere yesterday. And? Well, the reviews have been coming out and they’ve been fantastic. Like, glowing. Which, I never had any doubt Rob Thomas and co would deliver anything less than the fans deserve, but you never know. The thing is though, from the reviews I’ve read, all critics were fans of the series. I’m really interested but afraid of what non-fans are going to say. The thing with this type of movie-based-on-a-TV-show thing is that this was made for and by the fans so it should cater to the fans and I don’t want to hear anyone else’s opinion who isn’t a fan. You know what I mean? With that said, if you go into the movie having never seen a second of the show and come out having enjoyed the film, PLEASE do yourself a favor and watch the series.

So, About That ‘Annie’ Trailer…

You’ve probably seen it by now. If not, here it is. Watch it and join me below…

…Uh. I mean…maybe…maybe it’s just a really, poorly cut trailer. Ya, that’s probably it! No?

Look, I had high hopes for this. Not that I ever cared for this remake, or the original, or anything to do with Annie, but when studios differ from the typical presentation of a narrative, like with with casting Quvenzhane Wallis as Annie, it has my full support. This is a big deal. I don’t want that to escape you. And I think that this will do well enough just on the fact that, hey, look, that is an exciting casting choice, smart, important! So, there’s that. But at the same time, I want this kind of color-blind casting to be of a certain quality. It doesn’t look outright terrible, because frankly, any scene in the trailer where Cameron Diaz is not doing whatever it is that she thinks she is doing with her character, is more than fine. It’s actually enjoyable. Wallis’ interactions with Rose Byrne are great, and Foxx seems fine. But, shit, Diaz, WHAT TONE was she going for here EXACTLY? If you forgot, Sandra Bullock was originally up for her role but dropped out. I think Bullock would’ve have gotten this character right but also, maybe, made a good life choice in dropping out.

Just. Guys. I don’t know…