Presenting: The Cast of Community As The Breakfast Club

These people are on that show you aren’t watching & will be missing until NBC announces a return date.

I finally received three weeks worth of my Entertainment Weekly issues. They were back logged & I was front annoyed. Yes, #firstworldproblems but whatever, I got them finally and caught up on them today and came across this incredible picture of the cast of Community reimaging the famous Breakast Club poster. Um, I am going to need this blown up for myself personally. I love it more and more evertime I look at it which is quite often since it’s now my BBM display picture, the background on my Blackberry and the background on my computer. Ken Jeong’s face kills me every time.

Yesterday in my Film, Television and Society lecture, my friend and I were discussing TV shows we both watch and we came across Community. Obviously. Finding someone who likes this show is like finding a… person who watches Community, but once you do, they’re your soulmate. Anyways, our discussion was more important than the lecture but later on in the lecture we were to watch an episode of I Love Lucy and I noted that Community NEEDS to do a spoof of the classic Sit-Com and my friend purposed the idea of Abed & Troy dressing up as Des & Lucy (Abed as Lucy, Troy as Des, of course) for the Troy & Abed show at the end of each episode. I was laughing already. Imagine?

This was another excuse for you to watch Community while it is on hiatus. And while you’re at it watch The Show With The Terrible Title (aka Cougar Town) because they’re of the same brand and that show is returning from hiatus next year.


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