NBC Is Not That Stupid, This Time

It was announced just hours ago that Ricky Gervais – who caused a “scene” last year because he told really, stupid rich white people who get paid to “act” that their precious little movies sucked – has been confirmed to host this years Golden Globes. After all his “really mean” jokes last year (like when he called out Scientologists for being weird and shit, and told the girls of Sex and the City to stop acting like they’re still 37) it was all but sealed that he was definitely not going to be asked back to the awards show. I have never loved a host more recently than Gervais at the Globes year. Every single joke was on point and brilliant. It was incredible, poignant and incredible.

NBC is not messing around, though. This is the smartest decision they have made since putting Friends, Seinfeld and ER all on one night. That whole stink last year that erupted after his hosting duties (that Johnny Depp wasn’t talking to him, and Tim Allen was pissed at him) this is the only natural decision for NBC to have made. And why? Because of the ratings. The RATINGS people! It will be a gold mine for them. I, for one, cannot f-cking wait.



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