SNL Recap: Jason Segel & Friends

How I Met Your Mother star and the savior/writer & start of the current Muppets movie, Jason Segel hosted Saturday Night Live for the first very time this weekend. I was not too keen on him hosting, I thought that he might flounder in a sea of awfulness that those you expect to be good (a la Anna Farris) end up being the unexpectedly bad ones. But, Segel proved me wrong and held his own against this year’s hosts. Not as good as Stone or McCarthy, but better than Stiller/Baldwin/Farris/Day.

It opened with a redundant and, improv like, cold open about Mitt Romney. I’m too busy for these cold opens, legit. Make them funny or bring back Tina Fey. Then we moved onto the monologue which went as one would’ve expected: short bit, song, and then The Muppets joined him. It was all very cute, self-aware and charming. I enjoyed it. After that they replayed the Red Flag commercial, which I still love.

The first real sketch of the night was centered around who would replace Regis. It allows EVERYONE to shine and I could not be more grateful. The entire cast got to do some of their best impressions like Denzel, Rosie O’Donnel, George Lopez, Ashton Kutcher and of course, Kristen Wiig’s Kathy Lee. Much like the Kardashian sketch from two weeks ago, when SNL does pop-culture it works so much better than, let’s say the office party sketch that came in later in the show that was just God awful. Everyone loves an impression! After this sketch was the sketch with the family that makes out a lot. That’s not the official name but, really, it’s close enough. It was really intense like it always is and Paul Rudd dropped by and either you love this sketch or just don’t care for it. It’s gross and I love it always.

After that Florence & The Machine sang the theme song to my life, Shake It Out. Then after that was either Weekend Update or that awful sketch I was telling you guys about before – I’m a little loopy tonight. Weekend Update was good this week, better than last week, but as others have noted a) it’s hard to compete with the fake news world we live in with The Daily Show & The Colbert Report and b) I think it’s time we freshen it up and add a partner or get someone else to do it, even though Seth Meyers is my man crush and I love him.

After that we had the Digital Short which was a little darker and abstract but that stuff works on SNL sometimes, and in this case it did. I enjoyed it. Jason Segel was a dressed as a street worker and I loved it. AND then after that we had their Thanksgiving compilation infomercial that featured spoofs/mockaries of past R&B groups and singers. Everyone was amazing but the best one, of course, was Wiig who was a triangle player. I almost crapped myself laughing.  And then Florence performed again and then after that we had a very short sketch in which Jason played Andre The Giant. It was so weird, and intricate and kind of heart-warming and ridiculous. I’m convinced he wrote it because it has him written all over it. So well done.

All in all it was a nice, lively show that featured some very on point sketches and one or two bums but the laughs out-weighed them.


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