Katy Perry To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’

In the show’s much needed boost to be exiting again it has just today added Katy Perry to the list of hosts this year. She will be hosting the December 10th show, which I am going to presume is the Christmas show. Robyn will be the singer for that nights show. Thoughts?

I have this superpower where I will usually think of something before it happens. Just this morning I was reminiscing, for some unknown reason, about when Amy Poehler hosted and Katy was the musical act and thought, “Imagine if she hosted?” replied, no one. Well, since I’m Raven Baxter this came true.

I’m kind of indifferent to this news. On the one hand I love when Lorne decides to make things spicy and picks someone kind of random to host it. Good random, is Katy Perry. Bad random is January Jones. The musical guests of past episodes that have eclipsed their hosts have been: Drake, Nicki Minaj and even Florence showed off her improv chops this weekend. Katy was funny enough on the episode she was the musical guest for (attached) and I think she might do a good enough job. The thing is… I’ve never been more annoyed with her than I am right now. TGIF is a life ruining song. Though, her performance last night at the American Music Awards has a redeeming quality to it.



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