The Curious Case Of Olivia Wilde Continues


If you know me or have been reading this long enough you know I don’t understand why Olivia Wilde exists, I don’t understand her appeal and bigger than all of that, how she happens to be in every single movie. In 2011 Olivia Wilde pretty much became the symbol for mediocrity; if she was in your movie, it was probably awful and bombed at the box office (see: Tron, In Time, The Change Up, Cowboys & Aliens or resume). But enough ragging on her box office career, let’s discuss how the hell she showed up on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

Attached is the sketch she appeared in. She has a 8 second cameo and no words because, obviously. But the biggest question is: how the HELL did she manage to squeeze her way through Studio 8H. I’m really not understanding. Nor am I understanding how she has managed to weasel herself into everything she’s been in. Why is she doing this to me? Why are they doing this to me? She is like the Katie Holmes of supporting actors. She is not good. She is pretty enough, sure. She is not a household name or even a drive-way name. But yet, she has managed to work along side some GREAT names and now, Lorne, you like her too?

Bitch, you’re pretty f-cking smart but I will find out how you keep doing this. Don’t TEST me.


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