Would You Watch A Silent Film In 2011?

What if was being hailed as the best movie of 2011?

What if it could potentially be nominated for Best Picture?

I’m not entirely sure how you’re responding to this because I can’t hear you but the answer is probably divided. If you don’t know the difference between their and there then your answer is probably no, but if you do then your answer is probably yes. The other night I finally saw the trailer for the much buzzed about film, The Artist. The film is in black and white, it is also a silent picture, and also has no major stars except for John Goodman. This is giving me agita(Italian version of agitation) just thinking about how the major movie going public will respond. You guys, there are no words. There was in dialogue in most of Wall-E and everyone had a panic attack.

The film has pretty much come out of no where. I had seen the title mentioned a lot before but it never really caught my attention. The trailer is attached above and as soon as I saw it I knew this was going to be a little bit of a game changer. It’s giving me a Kings Speech vibe, in terms of box office success. This could be huge among the hipsters and the older crowd and all the film enthusiasts like myself. For everyone else about 28 and under, I don’t think so. I think this has some appeal, some interest being made out of the nostalgia factor but it’s very risky, of course. It’s fucking 2011. We all have ADD and no one can sit still for more than a half an hour anymore.

The reviews support my claims, it’s currently certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and stand with 97%. I cannot wait to see this. Also: this John Goodman comeback is welcomed with open arms by me and everyone else, I’m sure.


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