You’re In A Different Movie

I spent the past week at the theatre. I am not complaining about that, it’s just a fact. Sometimes you just need to power through all the Oscar bait and new released because, come mid-December, who has the time to see everything they want to? Every single movie I saw was a good-great movie. Last night I capped off a weekend at the theatre with My Week With Marilyn. It’s the weakest of the four films I saw last week but the most unique and intriguing.

The film has been garnering a lot of praise for Michelle Williams’ portrayal of the tragic sex figure. Let’s just get this out of the way right now: Michelle Williams is incredible as Monroe. Truly a revelation,yaddayaddayadda, all that shit. It’s kind of insane how GOOD she is. Will she win the Oscar? I’m not sure but that is besides the point. The movie works based on her performance alone. Unfortunately, that means everything else in the film is left stranded. The movie itself is fine, it’s a very light, frivolous affair that is instantly forgettable as soon as the credits role, as apposed to The Muppets where I am still reeling over the cameos almost a week later.

The general consensus for the movie is in line with my thoughts: Michelle is crazy good but the movie is just too light to be taken seriously. Now, a movie can be harmless and fluffy and still be considered great, example: Chicago. My problem with the movie is that, with all the stories about this infamous figure we can tell, we choose to make an hour and a half movie about some stage assistant who had an affair with her. There’s this subplot with Emma Watson and this poor-ass wig she sports the whole movie that distracts from the whole film. It’s like 3 movies in one, really. It just feels like such a waste and such a waste of Michelle’s incredible performance. The whole time I was watching it I just thought that her acting was from another movie, her role is from something else and it doesn’t belong.

See the movie… or not. Like, you can wait for it. But if you are a serious movie goer like myself and need to see everything that is being talked about, then go and see it. Her performance is worthy of your attendance. Just… go on  and pay for it on cheap Tuesdays.


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