‘Community’ Recap: Annime & The Foosball

Yes, I’ve started doing TV recaps. I think if I am going to spend so much of my time watching all this useless television I might as well put some of it to good used. Guys, if this is popular, just WAIT for the Big Brother recaps come this summer. JUST WAIT.

Anyways, last nights episode of Community was TYPICAL Community: amazingness. If you ever want to turn someone on or off about watching this series, THIS would be a definite episode to show your friends. And if they don’t end up liking it, they are not your friends anymore.

The plot revolved around Shirley and Jeff trying to rid the school of these ridiculous foosball players, and the other plot was that Troy bought Abed a very limited edition of The Dark Knight (OBVIOUSLY) and Annie ends up breaking the limited edition DVD. They stole this right out of my life though that Dark Knight case was just a tin case edition from Future Shop or something cheap like that.

You know when I realized I was going to love this episode? When Troy says that they cannot just replace the DVD because, “Annie, do you know how many sitcoms have done the break and replace plot”. Not the exact words but it’s the same exact dosage of genius. Community is so self aware – of course that’s why it works – but it’s also so aware of it being self aware. If you know what i’m trying to say. Like, Two & A Half Men could never work that line because they have probably done that plot 20 times by now. I also knew I was going to love this episode when Annie did her best Christian Bale as Batman impression. Spot on, though my brother does a much better one.

The Shirley and Jeff story line was a little too typical. I find Shirley to be very annoying, but I LOVE Yvette Brown (because we’re like twitter BFFLs, NBD). And Jeff was typical Jeff and after the acting tour-de-force Joel McHale put on last week, it seemed like it was going to be the weaker story line, but in actuality it was filled with awesome. Guys, that anime scene? I almost barfed from being so farklempted. It was all very Deathly Hallows PT 1 with that anime/story board section but just funny. SO FUNNY. I got chills. This writing, it’s unprecedented. That scene right there is what separates this show from the masses, they’d just think it was stupid and not understand that it was a mockery of a mockery.

Shirley & Jeff realize they’ve met each before. A long time ago. When Shirley was a badass and Jeff would pee his pants. Turns out Shirley bet Jeff in foosball when they were kids, and embarrassed him so much so that he urinated in front of everyone. The story line is a LITTLE cliche but I think that was the point and it ended on the sweetest note Community has ever pulled out of it’s ass.

Annie ends up putting on this whole act that the apartment had been robbed and they only took two things: the DVD and the necklace her grandmother had given her with her Yiddish birth name. She goes on this entirely long and constructed rant that displayed the hidden genius talent of Allison Brie. So, obviously Abed dresses up as Batman and ridiculousness ensues. The only thing I find odd with this entire thing is that the DVD was a DVD and not a Blu-Ray. Maybe it’s just me but Abed being Abed he would MOST definitely want a blu-ray and not a low-def DVD.

Naturally the show would be hitting it’s stride right before it goes on hiatus (which is right after next weeks episode). This was a typically great episode of Community.


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