Katherine Heigl Tries To Be Funny

… And, maybe, kind of, succeeds?

In promotion for the upcoming addition to her horrendous film canon, New Year’s Eve, she decided to stop by and do a Funny Or Die video. Its attached. It’s about her hating balls. It’s pretty funny, it’s just too long.

Anyways, there was a time in which I really liked her. The same time Grey’s used to be a good show (I know it’s kind of good again, but those middle seasons…). Then she went and left the show because she was this big movie star, or so she thought. Then she shit on the writers of the show for not giving her good enough material. Then she shit on the movie that made her a momentary movie star, Knocked Up, saying it put down women… because 27 Dresses is the Gloria Steinem of romantic comedies. I’m getting enraged recanting all this fodder.

Then she apologized for almost everything in an issue of Entertainment Weekly. And, then, she kind of went away, except for one or two awful movies she released. Katherine Heigl is a decent actress. She’s nothing amazing, for sure, but for her level of acting, she’s better than most. It’s just, she SHIT ON EVERYTHING and then she makes these movies and expects me to pay for this shit. I can’t. More of this Katherine, less of this:


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