‘How I Met Your Mother’ Recap: This Is A CBS Show, Right?

Last night’s outstanding episode of HIMYM, Symphony Of Illumination was… well, outstanding. There are not many adjectives that can capture the experience that was last night’s episode. How I Met Your Mother is a show that I have stuck with from the beginning. I love the show to death but I don’t miss it when it’s not on, and I don’t salivate to watch it every week like I do with The Big C, or say, The Amazing Race. If I’m home, I’ll watch it, and if I’ll miss it, I’ll watch it, but again, I’m never salivating over it. BUT, I am a very big fan of it and it’s gone through some rough periods (like some of season 6) but this season and been really on point so far. And last nights episode was a master class in writing and in acting.

Cobie Smulders who plays the very lovable Canuck, Robin, has always been a favorite on a show of sometimes unlovable characters. Everyone pretty much has at least 3 favorite Friends, right? Like, I love all of them but Joey is my least favorite with Monica or Phoebe being my most favorite. On this show though, I can say I’ve always disliked Ted. And while I indifferent-like every other character, sometimes they just do some really unforgivable and inane things. Robin, though, has always been level headed. Tonight though, tonight the show was handed a great does of real story telling. Spoilers are ahead so if you haven’t watched the show, please turn away.

The show starts off with a Robin voiceover talking to her future kids. You gasped, I gasped, we all gasped. Is this actually happening? As the episode progressed we saw Robin go through the ups and downs of finding out if she was truly pregnant or not. There was a great line in there that she was “late”, and she’s never late and she kind of takes pride in that. Robin and Barney go to the doctor and find out that she is not pregnant. A happy dance occurs and then they go their seperate ways until Robin is called back by the doctor. My eyes rolled, your eyes rolled, were they going to play the “oh never mind you’re actually pregnant” card? This is CBS after all, I mean… But they didnt and we found out along with Robin that she isn’t going to be able to ever have kids.

Robin states early in the episode that she never even wanted kids. Ever. But when she finds the news she goes through some motions of what I can only imagine to be very realistic. Sure, she didn’t want kids but she liked to know she had an option. She relates this to a poll vaulting analogy because she doesn’t want to tell the crew because, we’ll, they’re going to handle the news in their own personal ways. This show has always, ALWAYS, been on-point in depicting the different levels of each friend in a group of friends and this analogy was well done. By the end of the episode Robin finally breaks down to Ted in the apartment, as he tries to cheer her up. It was very How I Met Your Mother but it was so, SO well done and truly well acted by Smulders. This is an Emmy episode if I’ve ever seen one.


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