For Your WTF Viewing: ‘The Three Stooges’ Trailer

Oh, it’s happening.

This is gross. That’s the only word I can used to describe whatever the f-ck it is I’ve attached above. GROSS.

Okay, the impressions are DEAD ON. For sure, the three leads kill the original characters but this absolutely tarnished everything The Stooges were. I read a tweet today that someone wouldn’t even watch the trailer because of how much the show means to him. I get that. When I was a kid we used to come home from Church (stay with me) and my grandmother would be making lunch and we’d all be watching reruns of this, Lucy and whatever else was on. Like, the episodes are ingrained in my memory and that’s how fond I am of these classic shows. So, to answer your question, no, I won’t be watching this show.

The cameos: Sofia Verga, Jennifer Hudson… the hell? And Snooki & J-Woww? Fuck. My. Life.

And lastly, The Farrley Brothers: you guys made DUMB & DUMBER… and then that’s about it. Something About Mary, Irene and Shallow Hal are all only okay for me. Hall Pass was whatever and The Ringer was a mess. Stuck On You, let’s not talk about that. So, I don’t hold them up to the same standard other guys do but… Dumb & Dumber is a f-cking work of art where comedies are considered. This is a pay cheque and reminiscent of like… Date Movie. Right?



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