WATCH: Emily Blunt & Jason Segel’s ‘5 Year Engagement’

I love this trailer and here’s why.

You didn’t laugh outright, correct? It seemed kind of lame but you might consider taking a date to see it, right? It gives everything else away without giving much away and that’s why it keeps replaying in my head. There were some legit laughs though through out, like the door hitting Blunt and her getting shot in the leg. Now, I’m not saying this trailer was fucking incredible but remember how good the trailer for Captain America was and how average the outcome was? Exactly. These days, either they over sell you in a trailer or sell you a completely different product and then you are treated to such a wonderful surprise (Bridesmaids).

Now, of course this movie reminds me of Bridesmaids, though I’m not sure if you picked up or not that Apatow produced this as well. It looks cute, it looks simple, and, most importantly, it looks honest. I feel like I know the ending already and it looks very The Break-Up which I think is a GOOD thing. That ending is very under-appreciated. Can’t wait.



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