‘Community’ Recap: It’s A Very Glee Christmas At Greendale

Tonight’s episode of Community is the last we will see before… we’ll, who knows? But let’s not bask in the annoyance of NBC’s awfulness but let’s bask in the glory that was Community’s final episode of season 3.

“But what are regionals?”

This episode was too much. I couldn’t deal, because I laughed and was smiling from start to finish. It was a mockary of whatever Glee was/became/currently is. It begins with Jeff killing ordering a ceased and desist order upon Greendale’s currently glee-club. One of them stabs themselves with a fork, and the group escapes quickly. SNL’s underused but genius Taran Killam did his best wannabe Mr. Schue.

Since Greendale’s glee-club is no longer, the group is sought after to replace them and put on the college’s holiday concert. The entire group is resistant to joining the club because they don’t want ti to take over them, they find the entire Glee thing annoying (and the show itself though it’s never said, it’s more than obvious) but slowly, one by one, each member is taken over. Allison Brie’s riff on Santa Baby is the best for many reasons, but Troy & Abed’s rap is on point as well.

“If we reach regionals, then it’s onto sectionals, then onto semi’s…” 

If you watch Glee or even know a lot of Glee, you will know how on point this episode was in terms of mocking the show. Like, everything. The show’s final act is the group performance. There was even a Kings of Leon mention, WHICH, AGAIN, ON POINT YOU GUYS. I cannot stress this. The theme of the whole episode was that no matter how bright you make things, they eventually show how dark everything else which is kinda of a throw to how musicals, or Glee rather, where songs are there to discuss and show the emotion but they only burry the truth and heighten the bad. The ending of the show was really, really sweet with the entire group coming together in Troy & Abeds apartment because they wanted to spend Christmas together. If this ends up being the last episode of Community ever aired on TV, I might be totally okay with that because as a finale, it kind of works. A lot.


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