Golden Globe Nominations Rundown

This is my personal favorite moment from the Globes in recent memory.

The Golden Globe nominations were announced this morning. I was completely unaware. I slept for a full 12 hours, then woke up with swollen hands and then took two shots of medicine then two Aspirins and went back to bed for another 3 hours. So, it’s just been a day of sleeping.

When I finally awoke from my day long slumber I saw the nominations and per the norm, they’re a mess but I am not complaining. For people who follow both the smut and the awards themselves, you tend to favor the Golden Globes (though the SAG awards are my personal favorite). The Globes don’t matter one bit. I don’t really care who wins at the Globes, I just like to see the interchanges between the actors just before the breaks. Everyone is drunk, everyone is angry, everyone is beside themselves, so many people are trying to avoid one another (both Brad and Angeline are nominated and the Globes is a great place to do press so Jennifer Aniston will probably be invited to present, see?) and it’s just a really good f-cking party that I want to be at.

So, the nominations are neither here nor there but they are not the worst. Just a mess. Here’s what you need to know about the Foreign Press, they only nominate the biggest of stars. Like you’ll get the typical nominations from important movies like The Artist and The Descendants but then they’ll just f-cking throw you for a loop and nominated Ryan Gosling for Crazy, Stupid, Love. So, that’s the Globes for you. See? They don’t matter, they just want big names and ratings and they make it happen. On the film front everyone is accounted for pretty much. Melissa McCarthy’s absence is a little jarring but Kristen Wiig’s nomination MORE than makes up for it. 50/50 received a lot of love which I am VERY, VERY, VERY happy about. It means nothing but the movie more than deserves it. Carnage, Midnight In Paris, The Help, all got their love too. War Horse is just not having the run everyone thought it would which is fine, again, no one wanted a movie about a horse.

On the TV front though, that’s where it becomes a skating rink. We have things like Boss, American Horror Story and Homeland nominated. Films that are barely done the production of their first season. Throw Enlightened and New Girl into that bunch too. BUT my two personal favorite shows of the last year, Episodes & The Big C both got nominated and so did their stars but only because the Globes still think it’s 1998 and that Matt LeBlanc is still famous.


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