MUST WATCH: Sacha Baron Cohen as ‘The Dictator’

I won’t lie, all these trailers coming out all at once are both amazing and too much for me to handle. It’s always when I have so much time to spare that news is sparse, but when I’m cramming for two exams, the floodgates! Anyways…

I watched this trailer 4 times today. And when I look over this post I’ll probably watch it once more, that’s how much I love it. It sells the movie perfectly. It makes me LAUGH. Like I did my usual annoying “seal clap” type laugh. I found it THAT FUNNY.

And, if you’ve been reading this long enough you will know that I am Megan Fox’s biggest cheerleader, so of course I am very proud of her for doing this. Clearly she is playing herself, or a version of herself? The line she says is absolutely on point and her delivery is great. This is just a first in many more projects she has coming out. You tried to get rid of her but, thing is, she’s working more than a lot of bigger “stars”. Jessica Biel, you listening? SO PROUD.



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