Today Is Opposite Day: Les Miserables, Horrible Bosses & Bridesmaids 2 News

A few stories broke earlier today: Universal is definitely consider doing Bridesmaids 2 with or without Kristen Wiig, Horrible Bosses 2 is happening with the original cast and original writers AND Taylor Swift has been OFFERED a part in the latest update of Les Miserables. So, we have much to discuss, let’s get to it:

Bridesmaids 2: Look, it was bound to happen. We could not go around any longer thinking that it wouldn’t. It’s just, if it’s going to happen I need the entire original cast, or scrap the cast and do it with another group of girls; just rip off the band-aid completely. In the EW article about this news they go on and quote Kristen’s idea that the group of girls go to this getaway camp for some spa/exercise thing and hilarity and chaos ensues. That, I’m down for. The title will be off putting if it’s Bridesmaids: Camp Ground! Or something of that sort but at least the group of girls is together and someone else isn’t getting married. Guys, I’m just trying to help. Source

Horrible Bosses 2: This is where you could potentially scrap the ENTIRE case. I don’t want everyone from the original back because it doesn’t make sense. Just quit your job. I want an entire new cast and I want new plots to kill people. THAT makes sense, right? Source

Taylor Swift Is Ruining Film: I’ve never read/heard/seen Les Miserables in any iteration but I DO know that I do not want Taylor Swift to be a part of this movie. A whole slew of really good actors were up for this role: Evan Rachel Wood, Lea Michele, Scarlett Johannson, etc… Any of those actresses would’ve made sense (minus Scarlett). But this is Hollywood and what makes the least sense makes the most sense to them. I GET why they would cast, or offer the role to Swift: you are able to draw in the young crowd and that is what they want but, she is not an actor and she can barely sing. What is this life?! The cast includes such heavy weight, actual actors such as: Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Sascha Baron Coehn & Helena Bonham Carter and maybe Amanda Seyfried and now… Taylor Swfit. Source



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