But, Is It In 3D?

Disney is cranking out re-releases like no one’s business these days. The Lion King 3D added $100 million to it’s already record breaking total last fall and Disney has plans to send Nemo back on his adventure later this year. But this weekend we see the first animated movie to ever be nominated & win Best Picture, find it’s way back into theatres.

I will probably see this because next to Aladdin and The Lion King, Beauty & The Beast is one of Disney’s best, if not their best. But… the 3D. THE 3D! When will they understand?

But is it in 3D?” is the question I find that me and my friends ask every time we venture to our local cinema. Not only is the cost intrusive but my eyes, MY EYES! (Friends reference for those who didn’t get it). I know the topic of 3D is like talking about religion, or politics for film guys like me, but really, it’s the line in the sand when wanting to go and see a movie. There are so many re-release I want to see, like Titanic which I never saw when it was released in theaters but again… but between the length of the movie, my brittle bones and the pain the glasses cause my eyes. I don’t know. #firstworldproblems.

Really, I had nothing more to say about this as I just wanted to attach this for those who haven’t seen it:


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