No One Is There, Chelsea

Are You There, Chelsea premiered last night on… NBC. We’ll get to my problem with that a little later. The ratings have come in and it did ALRIGHT. It followed Whitney (which improved from it’s original Thursday night slot) and actually gained from the lead in (6.1 million viewers for Whitney and 6.4 for Chelsea, respectively). And for NBC this is better than %90 of what their other shows are doing, so no one should complain. BUT if these were CBS sitcoms they’d all be getting 10 million viewers and if Prime Suspect was originally on CBS it would be a hit and wouldn’t have been cancelled BUT THIS IS NOT WHAT THIS POST IS ABOUT.

The post is about the show itself. I watch the first 2 minutes last night and then turned it off because, why? Why should I even bother when I know that it would just be a watered down version of her books. As I tweeted last night (follow me @jthecritic #shamelessplug) this particular show should’ve been sold to FX. You can do a lot on FX. It’s a rising channel, it’s provocative, it’s pushing boundaries and is making some of the most talked about television shows right now. This isn’t for the Showtime audience, nor the HBO audience, but on FX it would have brought in some female viewership which it’s kind of missing, and it would have been a lot funnier and dirtier. I mean, Chelsea Handler’s books are all about her crazy fucking life stories and at the core, her crazy sex stories. So, of course, we put it on NBC at 8:30 because, you know, nothing makes sense anymore.

Now I don’t work for FX. They could’ve passed or it might have not even been offered to them, so who knows. What I do know is that this is just a wasted opportunity. I don’t know if it will be cancelled come May, but I know I don’t care about this show.



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