Apparently Mark Wahlberg Is A Big Deal


A movie called Contraband opened at #1 this weekend at the North American box-office. It made $24 million for the 3-day weekend, and a reported $28 million with the 4-day MLK weekend. Sorry, what now?

Contraband is your TYPICAL January release. I see no difference between it and The Mechanic (with Jason Statham) which was released at the end of January 2011. I see no difference at all. Big, burly, actors. Dumb, loud guns. Both remakes. Yet The Mechanic barely made $11 million in it’s opening weekend and Contraband almost made $30 million. And I saw The Mechanic (and enjoyed it). I have no interest in Contraband, however. Is THIS what you want to see America? Because I don’t get it. But maybe you guys do. Or you girls do. The audience of Contraband actually attracted quite a few females, as 49% of the audience was made of up of women.

So then, what is it? Is it that we often forget that Mark Wahlberg is like, a legit actor and a big star? But, is he even? The Other Guys did well and opened well because of Will. The Departed was a group effort. Same for Four Brothers. If you look at his box-office resume, he isn’t consistant enough of a star to really justify this movie opening so well because it’s a Mark Wahlberg feature. Look at Shooter, I see no difference between that movie and this one and that one opened to only $14 million.

Someone explain this to me. How did this happen? IN JANUARY.


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