Blake Lively Is Still Trying This Whole “Serious Acting” Thing

Blake Lively is more than just a great pair of tits and ass you guys (remember those nude pics that “leaked” last year though…) she’s trying to be a real actress and everything.

News broke last week that Blake Lively is apparently going to LEAD a STEVEN SODENBERGH movie. Lead. As in, be the character the camera is pointed at for most of the running time…

STEVEN SODENBERG is a REALLY good director. He has a movie coming out next week called Haywire that looks so legit I can’t even wait. His resume is impeccable: Solaris, Traffic, Erin Brockovich, Out of Sight, Sex, Lies & Videotapes, Contagion, etc… But I guess if the man who was able to give us Jennifer Lopez’s best acting ever (Out Of Sight) then he might be able to get something out of Blake Lively. It’s just… it also stars Channing Tatum, WHO HAS ABOUT 45 MOVIES COMING OUT THIS EYAR (one of which is that Magic Mike movie…also directed by Sodenbergh…I don’t know maybe the Mayans were right guys)

I mean, good for her? I guess. I don’t think she can act. She was the worst part of The Town. And in case you forgot how bad she was in The Town I’ve attached the clip “HOW DO YOU KNOW DOUGIE?!”

That accent though. It’s like I’m watching Frances McDormamd in Fargo. Same thing.



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