First Look: Paul Rudd & Leslie Mann In ‘Knocked Up’ Spin Off, ‘This Is 40’



Here we have a production still of the cast of the Knocked Up spin-off movie, This Is 40 which stars Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow’s two kids (the oldest is Maude Apatow and she has twitter and she is great and if you care follow the entire Apatow clan AND FOLLOW ME @jthecritic. We’re all equally hilarious). This picture is legit. It looks like a very real picture a family would have in their home. Not mine though. Because we all hate one another.

I was very excited when news broke that Judd and co. would be making a spin off from the scene steelers in Knocked Up. And then the cast was announced. You ready? The cast includes: Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Jason Segel, Melissa McCarthy, Chris O’Dowd, Albert Brooks, John Lithgow, Lena Dunham… and Megan Fox. I’M REALLY F-CKING EXCITED FOR THIS. Next to horror my favorite genre of film is comedy because I just want to laugh. Everyday. Knocked Up is one of my favorite comedies and this cast has me very excited for this film.

The film is currently slated for a very late release in the year (December 21, 2012) though that is probably subject to change. I don’t know why it’s being released that late as it would blossom during the summer box office…. unless Judd is hoping for some Oscar love. As you may have heard, he is really vying for the academy to start accepting comedies with open arms. And I am right behind him. Also, MEGAN FOX IS STILL AROUND. Doesn’t that fuck your shit up? I know. AND IN GOOD MOVIES (or at least movie that look good). I’m not ready for the year of 2012.



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