Kate Beckinsale Is Too Pretty And That’s Why She Doesn’t Get Roles, Says Kate Beckinsale


“That’s happened a bit. There have been a couple of times when people have said, ‘We just don’t think you’d be very believable as somebody who, you know, works in a fishmonger’s.’ I always think that if they say, ‘We think she’s too attractive,’ that’s just a very nice way of saying they just don’t like you.”

Or, maybe, they just don’t like you Kate.

Kate Beckinsale has been in Hollywood limbo since, I’d say, 2004. She blew up with Underworld, Serendipity is cute and memorable, she proved she can kind of act in The Aviator and then no one saw Vacancy and here we are, back with another Underworld movie. This f-cking franchise. We’ll get there in a bit.

You know who else thinks they are too pretty and that’s why they don’t get roles? Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel. They’ve both said that. Do a Google search and you’ll find some quotes, I’m sure. OR maybe, Jessica’s, it’s because you’re both pretty fucking shit at acting, but, you know, WHO KNOWS?! Admittedly, Kate Beckinsale is beautiful. Oh my God, crazy hot. For sure. And that’s why they’re still making these Underworld movies, because not one of them is any good (REALLY THOUGH, I’VE SEEN THE FIRST TWO AND THEY ARE SO BORING) but damn, that leather outfit.

You know who’s never said they’re too pretty? Meryl Streep. Meryl is beautiful (pictured with Woody Allen on the set of Manhattan 100 years ago. Look at that profile!) and Meryl is still very pretty in her older years. OH BUT WAIT! She still works more often than Jessica Alba, Biel and Kate combined. TWIST! So, what does this mean?

It means Kate Beckinsale is a mediocre actress. It also means no one knows WHAT to do with her unless it’s an Underworld movie. See you in 2 years for Underworld 5!




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