When You’re Fighting Over A Lifetime Movie…

News “broke” (was leaked by Ali Lohan) last week that Lindsay Lohan was being sought after for the role of Elizabeth Taylor… in a Lifetime movie called Liz & Dick. (That title…) Everyone laughed. It’s a f-cking Lifetime movie! But, you know what, for the most part, Lindsay has stayed quiet for the last couple of months. No arrests. Nothing. So Lifetime movie or not, at least someone is considering her for something. It’s just… this is how all Lohan projects since 2008 have started out. That Gotti movie, the Linda Lovelace movie (which now stars another Mean Girl in the title role, Amanda Seyfried, which, that shit must HURT) and now this: news leaks that Lindsay is wanted for the part, negotiations for the role go on for MONTHS, then it gets delayed because they can’t insure her, and then she gets arrested.

NOW, though, there is a TWIST!: Megan Fox is apparently vying for the role of Elizabeth Taylor but, since it’s a Lifetime movie, we can just call her Liz because, it’ll be as shit as that nickname. The director says he’s definitely interested in Lindsay, but he is also in many talks with many other actresses (bullshit).

There are a couple of things I find weird about this. Megan has some really good movies coming out this year. Friends With Kids, The Dictator and This Is 40 which all look very promising on paper and will help re-establish her career. Why, then, would you run to do a Lifetime movie? Just so you can play LIZ? Or, because everyone likes picking on Lindsay? I find this weird. I might be calling bullshit on the directors part for pulling Fox’s name out of a hat. If Megan is interested in this, I say, leave it for Lohan. Let her do her thing. It’ll most likely be awful and you’re working with Judd Apatow and she is not, so, leave Lifetime movies alone for now.




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