Diablo Cody’s Red Band Trailer Is Back: Get To Know Amanda Seyfried & John Krasinski

The other day I couldn’t study, so, I remember seeing writer and ex-stripper, Diablo Cody, having tweeted that she’d returned with her online chat-show, Red Band Trailer. There are four new interviews: Amanda Seyfried, Zooey Deschanel, John Kraskinski and Joel McHale. I watched all of them but the two interesting ones were Amanda & John’s.

I like Amanda Seyfried but I find it really odd that she’s in 20 movies a year and we know absolutely nothing about her except that she used to date Domenic Cooper and also how she just, like, started being in so many movies a year. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing; she is the anti-thesis to Lindsay Lohan and it’s quite refreshing, actually. But, I just find her stardom kind of weird. The interview is good though and we learn a lot about her: like how Mean Girls was her first movie (at 17 years old) and how much everyone who made Jennifer’s Body truly loves that gem of a movie. I agree. Her mannerisms though really entertain me. Child stars!

The other interview I really liked was John Krasinski. John was a thing a couple of years back. He was in a lot of movies and they really tried to make him happen. It happens with a handful of actors from hit TV shows. It kind of never really went anywhere, which is unfortunate because based on this interview he seems like a really cool guy and pretty unaffected. I also loved what he said about working with Maya Rudolph on Away We Go, “she needs to be dipped in gold”. YES.


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