But, I Thought You Were Done?

I just came across this piece on Vulture.com about how Katherine Heigl would JUST LOVE to return to Grey’s Anatomy. The fuck? Did she forget all the shit she caused trying to get herself OUT of the f-cking show because she thought she was the next Jennifer Aniston? Did she forget about her cover of Entertainment Weekly where she apologized to everyone but basically said she has washed her hands with the show? I didn’t. This was something I followed for a while. Mainly because her big ass mouth wouldn’t shut up about it and because it bothered me. Every time I’ve written about her I’ve talked about it, so, I won’t repeat it.

Heigl goes on to say that “she just wants to see where her character ended up. She thinks Izzy has it together! And really pulled her life back and is just doing FABULOUSLY at another hospital” She didn’t say the second sentence entirely but I imagine she uses the word FABULOUSLY in caps, always. My favorite part is this:

“Being a showrunner and being a writer of a TV series like that is so complicated that, I mean, she’s got how many characters are there now? There’s a lot, and so she’s balancing about 40 different storylines, so I don’t know if it fits in to their sort of vision for this season or next or however many seasons it goes.”

This entire thing reminds me of a little kid putting a toy they really want (but know they wont get) into their parent’s shopping cart and beg and beg and beg in the middle of the store and you know how the parents become embarrassed but can’t really say yes and can’t really say no. Katherine Heigl is the annoying kid and Shonda Rimes is the parent. The fact that she has the GULL (this is how I say “the GULL” is in real life, you can hear the caps lock) to even suggest coming back after she shit on the writers of the show, the show itself, and then everything else is embarrassing.

People still watch Grey’s Anatomy. I stopped after season 4 because it just became a mess after that but apparently Shonda has really pulled the show back together again and I’ve heard it’s better than ever, or, at the very least, consistent. I think they’re good, Heigl. Attached the trailer for her new movie coming out in a week or so. Honestly, this shit looks worse and worse every time I see it. WHAT IS THAT ACCENT?



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