I Predict That ‘The Artist’ Will…


The Artist just won the Producers Guild Award. After winning the Golden Globe. And 500 other awards.

Many say that the PGA win is the most important. And I agree.


This post.

Is me saying that…

…I predict The Artist to win Best Picture.

Am I signing my life away? Maybe. But I think the Academy is just going down that route this year. It’s old Hollywood. It’s about them. It’s for the 50+ crowd. I’ve seen the movie. I did enjoy it. It wasn’t revolutionary and I’ve come across people saying it’s a very “important” movie. It is not. It’s just a nice, fun movie where the story is the biggest strength, even without any dialogue. I don’t think it’s a Best Picture type of film. But I didn’t think Crash was either.

I also think that if this movie keeps gaining enough buzz it’ll blow past $50 million and maybe flirt with $100 million. Thoughts? Are you yelling?


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