Oscar Nomination Recap

Jonah Hill is now an Oscar nominated actor. 

Michael Fassbender is not. 

Overall the nominations are expected. I predicted a couple of months ago on my twitter that Melissa McCarthy would be nominated and she was. And I’m very, VERY happy with that. Same with the Best Screenplay nomination for Bridesmaids. There are a lot of snubs: 50/50, Michael Fassbender, Alan Rickman, etc… But, it’s the Academy. What do we expect anymore?

They went Old Hollywood with the two films about Hollywood getting the most nominations. A little self congratulatory, no? They would. I think The Artist will win Best Picture. Something could surprise but I’m not sure anything will. I don’t think it deserves to win Best Picture in the SLIGHTEST but, you know. I think Shailene Woodley should’ve been nominated for The Descendants. I mean, if we’re going to nominated Jonah Hill, who I think is in shock himself.

And it was just another year, another list of snubs for the Harry Potter series. I am sorry, being a fanboy of the franchise aside, what EXACTLY sets these films apart from the Lord of the Rings trilogy that allowed them to sweep and for the Potter series to get snubbed year after year? Alan Rickman was robbed. Absolutely robbed.

And nothing for Ryan Gosling. Which, I approve of.

Did anyone actually watch Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close?

What is a Rooney Mara?



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