Melissa & Her Nomination

Melissa McCarthy is now an Oscar nominated actress. You know, the girl from Gilmore Girls. Samantha Who? Mike & Molly. Ya, her.

Many of you might not agree with this sentiment, at all. Many of you might have been fist-pumping at your TV when you heard her name called. Whether you agree or disagree, you can’t really be mad at her for being nominated. She kind of makes that entirely impossible. I, for one, was fist-pumping. Though this is the first time in a few years I did not wake up to hear them announced because I’ve been sleeping really awfully the last few weeks and that was the one day I slept properly, go figure. You guys do not care about my sleep patterns. MOVING ON.

I really like Melissa. I loved her performance in Bridesmaids, and on a comedic level, I think it’s a performance that will live on for a very long time. Similar to Robert Downey Jr’s in Tropic Thunder, which he was nominated for as well. So, then, no problem right? Great. Comedies + Oscars = make me very happy. Melissa was on Ellen the other day talking about her nomination and her experience at the Golden Globes. I laughed a lot at these ones.


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