READ: A Special Recap Of Last Night’s Manic ‘Happy Endings’

Before I begin, are you watching this show? It’s on right after Modern Family but loses half of it’s audience. You should be watching. Are you between the ages of 18-30? If so, it’s for you.

ABC’s Happy Endings is one of my favorite shows on TV. I totally disregarded the first season and most of the second until I went through both seasons in a day and fell in a deep love. The show is one of, if not, the best written and most under valued sitcoms on TV right now. Next to Cougar Town, Community & Parks and Recreation, it’s one of the more unique ones as well. For instance: rarely are shows self aware. There have been moments but often times if they are, say like a The Big Bang Theory episode, they take themselves out of their world and it’s not funny but odd. Do you know what I mean? Like when a show becomes self referential? Last week’s Valentine’s episode of Happy Endings is, in my opinion, the shows best episode. It was genuine, smart, funny and zany, exactly how I like it. There is a scene where one of them refers to them all as who they would be if this show were Friends (as it gets compared to quite a lot). It worked SO well and was SO memorable, and has stuck with me every since. “Fat Joey!” 

This week’s episode, however, left me with a headache. I’m not exaggerating either, a legit headache and I knew it was coming to. As much as I adore the show for everything it contains, my biggest problem is, is that all the characters are the same character and essentially try to out do one another. They all use words like “Twinsies” or modern slang, they’re all extreme versions of real people, and while it works and the story is grounded in reality enough to balance that out, it misses out on depth sometimes. Within the first 5 minutes of the episode I knew we were over. It was an okay episode, but in terms of the plot is was so paper thin and it’s been done 100 times. We’ve seen it on countless sitcoms before where the person dating someone that their friends all love has to find a flaw in that person or else they think something is wrong with them. It was just tired and as my friend Big M said to me last night, it felt like the episode was an hour long. I’m going to compare it to Friends for a moment because it allows me to: if every character on that show was a Joey or a Phoebe, it wouldn’t work. You needed Monica to balance out Chandler, and so forth.

My biggest problem with it last night was just it was the first time all the characters really, really blended into one. I’ve read some critics mention that Elisha Cuthbert is that weakest link of the show. While I agree that she’s not on the same comedic level as the geniuses Casey Wilson or Damon Wayans Jr., I disagree because often times she brings a very normal stance to a very zany and often manic show. She might not zing as fast as the rest of them but when she does, it warranted and that is the problem with all of them; their moments come so fast that they’re not always warranted. Maybe I’m just tired and upset, but I don’t think I’m wrong.

Did you watch Happy Endings last night and enjoy it and think I’m completely out of touch?


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