MUST WATCH: ‘Wanderlust’ Red Band Trailer Makes This Seemingly Unfunny Movie A Must See

A few days ago I had posted my thoughts regarding the new Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston movie, Wanderlust. I’ve not been impressed by the TV spots – which I’ve been inundated with every other commercial break, thanks NBC/Universal – and I didn’t think this was going to sell well.

Well, the red band trailer for the film was released yesterday and it changed my mind, thankfully. You know what sold me right away with this trailer? The scene where Jen is brining the boxes outside and screams. I can’t even explain why but the way it’s filmed and the comedic tone is on point. It works. The trailer works on a numerous amount of levels: the chemistry between P & J (there new nickname, you’re welcome) is desired by many other comic pairings, it looks raunchy and appropriately so, and weird enough to just work. I am sold. SOLD. All over this trailer. And to think I ever doubted the guys who brought us Wet Hot American Summer. And Anchorman. And so much more.


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