READ: Mad Men News: Jon Hamm Says Don & Joan Could Happen

When I first read this I actually said out loud, “no thanks”. My automatic reaction may have been a bit much but I don’t like the idea of Don and Joan for a couple of reasons.

Mid-way through a shows long run we start to see some things happen and often times the “Joey and Rachel Incident” occurs. It’s happening right now on Parks & Recreation with Tom and Anne and Don and Joan would be the equivalent. For those who don’t know what I’m referencing: the end of season 8 and beginning of 9, Rachel and Joey became a thing on Friends. It’s ultimately regarded as the weakest plot point of the entire series and for hardcore fans causes nausea in retrospect. It just shouldn’t have happened. And while it might have to happen, it doesn’t mean it works. I find it to be very lazy writing.

Here’s what Jonn said:

Why Don never got with Joan
“Who says he hasn’t? The Don-Joan dynamic is something we do explore as the show goes on. They have worked together for a long time, they know one another very well and… I’ll leave it at that.”

He may be talking out of his ass. Or not. But actors are known to do that so I’m inclined to believe it. Listen, I’m in denial. It might work. It could end up being my favorite story line and admittedly i’m titillated to see what happens between these two raw, sexual characters but Joan is such ahead of all the women Don has dated; physically, emotionally, Joan is another beast in every sense of the word. I don’t know. But what I do know is that Mad Men returns for it’s 5th season on AMC on March 25th and I can’t wait.



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