WATCH: Look What Has Happened To Halle Berry’s Career In The ‘Dark Tide’ Trailer

From the people who brought you BLUE CRUSH and INTO THE BLUE.

Is that a thing? Exactly, who are those people?


A few things can happen when you win the Oscar for best actress: you can go on to have a beautiful, flourishing career, there is a high chance you will get divorced right after (google it) or your career will go to absolute shits. The other month I  had tweeted (@jthecritic) that out of most Best Actress winners, Halle Berry’s had one of the worst post-Oscar careers…ever. I mean… it has just been pile of shit after pile of shit for her after box office flop after box office flop. But what exactly do you cast Halle Berry for? Or is it our fault?

Her career could’ve flourished after her Oscar. While Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful creatures to ever grace the earth, she is not all white and ultimately this might have to do with race. Current Best Actress nominee Viola Davis said a while ago that there isn’t much out there for black actresses and even if there is a role, it goes to just one of them with the rest of them waiting around for the next meal. So on and so forth. What could we have done with Halle Berry, though? Could we have made her the next Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie? Sure? But I don’t know if she even wanted it.

Regardless of race, for the most part, after you win an Academy Award, the doors are permanently open for you; you ultimately pick where you go. After her win for Monster’s Ball she chose to follow it up with: a bond girl, to make Gothika, Catwoman, a TV movie, be a voice in an animated movie, the disaster that is/was Perfect Stranger. The list goes on but my favorite is movies like Frankie & Alice and Things We Lost In The Fire which are the most baltant cries for “I CAN STILL ACT, REMEMBER?!!?!”.Look, she has a movie coming up that is currently titled Shoe Addicts Anonymous. WHAT HAPPENED TO HALLE BERRY?

I like Halle well enough. I think she was cast perfectly as Storm in X-Men. And we all have to take the jobs we don’t want, sometimes you have to work at an awful environment, sometimes you have to make movies that go straight to TV. I get it. This Dark Tide movie is going straight to Video On Demand, which is also what Mel Gibson is going. So Halle Berry is now Mel Gibson. Great.


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