WATCH: Someone From ‘Glee’ Wrote A Movie (AND A Book) And Now You Feel Unaccomplished

Chris Colfer, one of the stars of a television program, Glee, that hasn’t resembled a TV show in some time, apparently has a lot of spare time on his hands. You know, with working 14 hour days and such. Attached is the trailer for the movie he wrote, Struck By Lightning (not the best title). I didn’t know what to expect, and honestly I thought it was supposed to be an adventure/wizard-y type movie based on the title and because I thought that is what I read a couple of months back but… IT IS NOT.

When the trailer began I had originally written it off. It looks like the typical Juno/Away We Go/Insert Indie Movie Title Here-type thing (the scene with him and Alison Janney sitting at the table is too close to the scene from Juno with her and her father sitting at the table) but as it progresses it has some Heathers in it, some Breakfast Club, a little bit of Easy A, a lot of good influences. But at the same time it has a lot of originality; the scene where the girl goes “I feel like I’m in Eat, Pray, Love” may not be how a teenager would reference something BUT the reference itself is well done. I think it looks good and if it ends up being any good, I will see it.

This is all good for Chris Colfer though. Strategically, he’s making a name for himself. He has a book coming out this spring, a book that is in such high demand and has so much faith from the publishing company that is was pushed up one month so that they could get it out earlier. Glee has hit a rough patch: the annual summer concert tour has been scraped, ratings are steady but down significantly from last year. The show’s quality is dismal at this point and his character will graduate soon enough (or not because, you know, it’s Glee) and he’ll have to make his next move. Starting NOW is very wise. This guy is the same age as me (21). Adele is now 23. So, you know, would you like fries with that?


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