WATCH: ‘Girls’: Judd Apatow’s Return To TV Looks Fantastic

Here we have the trailer for the Judd Apatow produced HBO show, written and starring Lena Dunham.

Every couple of years after a big, mainstream show ends, networks scramble to try and find something to replace it or be the next big thing. We saw it automatically when Friends ended and the most current example is with Lost, we’ve been inundated with 100 copy cats (The River, Alcatraz and Terra Nova all of this year and all likely to be cancelled come May).

Sex and The City fell victim to the same fate. There were many copy cats when it ended, all of them being hailed as the new Sex and The City. I mean ABC and NBC (or CBS) both premiered shows in the same year, one called Lipstick Jungle and the other, Cashmere Mafia. Both cancelled. Simply put: you cannot recreate something when your sole reason is to capture the same audience and replicate the show.

Girls is not Sex and The City but is automatically being compared to it. And also: 30 Rock, which I see. The trailer attached is fantastic and I do see some Liz Lemon in it but while it may structurally appear similar to the adventures of Carrie Bradshaw and co. it looks like an entirely different beast. It looks very smart, relevant and speaking to the youth of today. The pre-school line, for me, is an instant standout, but there are so many throw away quips within the trailer that speak well of the quality of the show.


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