READ: Why ‘The Hunger Games’ Is Succeeding Where So Many Others Failed & It’ll Pay Off Big

The Hunger Games is still more than a month away from it’s theatrical release, but that doesn’t mean we can’t assess how well it’s promotional campaign has been going so far.

Last week the soundtrack listing was released for the film. The studio is going down the Twilight aspect, in this regard and this regard only for everyone’s sake, and pulling put big names for the soundtrack – and with all new material (for the most part). Taylor Swift, Kid Cudi, Maroon 5, just to name a few. While the Twilight franchise is largely ignored, dismissed and disregarded in terms of quality, Summit was very careful and more so, wise when putting most of it’s finance and focus into the soundtrack for each entry of the Saga. The soundtracks are always, ALWAYS well received and quite good and allow for a deeper layer for the films. I don’t know that personally, but so I’ve heard. While many dismiss soundtracks now adays, they are key components for having a fully charged franchise, film but most importantly, initial film in a franchise.

The other day I wrote about how when some big shows ended, like Friends, many networks scrambled with create copycats to catch up the leftover viewers the beloved shows had left behind. The same can be said with film franchises. Most recently, thanks to Lord of The Rings and Harry Potter (more so HP), there was a moment where families were bombarded with fantasy flick after fantasy flick. Percy Jackson, Golden Compass, Inkheart, A Series of Unfortunate Events, etc… the list goes on. Each a success and failure or even disaster in their own right, but each were copycats of what came before and like I said, audiences can smell desperation (sometimes).

We had The Lord of The Rings. Harry Potter just concluded. And this summer, finally, the final Twilight movie will be released. Studio’s always want a franchise, it is the new American dream and they may just get it with The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is not Harry Potter. It is most definitely not Twilight but it is everything that came before, wrapped in one, and yet entirely different. It’s Lord of the Flies meets Survivor meets Battle Royale and it’s totally fine with it and it works. I’ve read the series, I didn’t love them but I enjoyed them BUT I am very excited for the movie. As is the rest of the young-adult population.

It was announced today that the cast would be going on a mall tour (I really enjoy the words “mall” and “tour” put together) across America to promote the film. Apparently big names are going, so the main stars which is good because we’ve all been to too many events where fucking Moaning Myrtle is the “big celebrity name”. While a mall tour may seem lame to some, promotion is promotion and this is smart for it’s main audience. The film will also be shown in IMAX when it is released.

Everything I’ve heard up till now has enticed and excited me and, again, I didn’t even love the series that much. But like we’ve seen so far this year, advertising has been at it’s best and that is what is paying off. Promote the SHIT out of your product, but don’t over expose yourself. I think this is all going to pay off for the film and I think we’re going to be in for a big surprise.


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