MUST WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Pitches Shows To Oprah (Book Fight Club!!)


Right after The Artist was announced “Best Picture” (imagine me doing air quotes when saying that) I turned off my TV and called it a night. I wasn’t upset or bewildered; I saw it coming and plus it was time for bed. With that said, I completely forgot that Jimmy Kimmel had his post-Oscar show going. I don’t watch Jimmy’s show rountinely, if ever actually. I prefer Fallon but I’m not really a late night kind of guy. I’ll YouTube interviews and that’s about it.

Anyways, all I kept hearing was everyone raving about what was happening on Jimmy’s show. THIS HAPPENED. Fast-forward to the 2 minute mark and then it really begins. Like, I knew the premise of the skit just based on the title, but, you guys… Oprah is f-cking FUNNY. Or Jimmy made Oprah funny. I legit laughed really hard at the Book Fight Club skit and even the Repo skit.

After watching this – and this alone – I’m ready to say: Jimmy Kimmel for Oscar host next year. He will bring in the 18-24 demographic, he will make it funny and fun and fresh and relevant again. I think. I hope. We’ll go over hosts a little later.


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