WATCH: Sacha Baron Cohen Does What We All Want To Do To Ryan Seacrest

On the thousands upon thousands of lists that will be coming out tomorrow, this moment will for sure make Top 5 or Top 10’s. This was one of my personal favorite moments. I believe Ryan knew nothing about it, that it was not staged, and my only thing to back up my claim is how much of a little bitch he acted like when he talked to Jennifer Lopez – who looked like the swan napkins folded ontop of plates – after and she asked what all the dust was and he said, “This is what we have to deal with, darling”. Easy there.

If it had happened to me, I’d laugh but probably be pissed too…but it’s part of the job. At least it should be. Anyways, this is all excellent press for The Dictator and a moment we will all have on repeat for the next week. If only it happened to Ben Lyons. Or anyone else asking questions on red carpets.

(The clip attached is from E!’s official YouTube page. I MEAN)


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