WATCH: Seth Rogen’s Opening Monologue From The Spirit Awards

Don’t go screaming “HE SHOULD HOST THE OSCARS!” after this because, no thanks. I love Seth Rogen but he is not there yet and I don’t think that is his platform or really, his style.

But, with the clip attached which is his opening monologue from this past weekend’s Spirit Awards, I rather enjoyed it and saw this other side to Seth. It’s a really odd 15 minutes. He has so many strong jokes and a lot of jokes that fall flat but regardless he carries his stuff off. I haven’t read the reviews about his hosting duties but I rather like this 15 minute package and I haven’t heard him run, and blame the writers or the material itself (see: James Franco). I think this clip is also a great determiner for those who like Seth Rogen and those who hate him. If you hate him, you’ll DESPISE every joke in this clip and everything about the way he presents himself, and I get that. And if you like him, then this is just for you and I get that too.

I don’t know where I went with this post, but you know, watch. There’s a really good Chris Brown joke in there and also, the Brett Ratner bit is fantastic.


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