READ: Paltrow, Witherspoon & Diaz (Plus Beyonce & Andy Samberg) To Star In ‘One Hit Wonders’ Uhhhhh

Talk about stunt casting as it’s absolutely finest.

News broke a few hours ago, via Deadline (TOLJA!) that some of the most famous women in the world would star in a movie called One Hit Wonders from the man who creates the most promising shows and then turns them into absolutely awful messes, Ryan Murphy. Diaz, Witherspoon & Paltrow (you guys, she wore a cape. That shit is still badass to me) will be ex-pop stars from the 90’s who all scored a hit single and then come together to form some super group. WHAT IS THIS?! No word yet on who or what Beyonce or Samberg will play, but… this is kind of exciting. Right off of the top of my head, this shit screams flop BUT you nevvvvvver know.

Murphy will direct (not so promising) and Paltrow will be producing the affair. The film is a 7 figure deal for Sony so there is a lot of hope and push and promise behind this project. This could be kind of historic (if it flops and if it works). This all came from a dinner the 3 blonde ladies and Mr. Murphy had a couple of weeks back.

I’m putting some money down right now that Blue Ivy Carter will have a cameo in this shit.



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