WATCH: ‘Piranha 3DD’ Trailer Has David Hasselhoff, A Piranha Inside A Vagina And This Line: “Bring Me My Legs!”

The Avengers trailer might have just been upstaged with this mess.

Did you see the remake of Piranha that came out 2 years ago? Okay I rented that shit (from Blockbuster too! #oldtimes) and watched it twice in one day. It’s so awful and yet, so good. And this looks even better. Have you ever gone to the movies with someone and a trailer like this appears before the movie – something that is so ridiculous, campy, B-, all that but KNOWS what it is – and they respond with the usual “Ugh, that looks so stupid! Why?!” No one gets it! You can make awfully stupid films but have them be self aware, like this.



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