MUST WATCH: New Full ‘Prometheus’ Trailer From WonderCon

You might need a moment after you watch this trailer. But, as soon as you watch it do the Tom Cruise Run right back here, alright?

Awesome, right?

A lot of people on Twitter are comparing it to The Dark Knight Rises, myself included. Sure they’re two different movies, for the most part, but they’re going after the same glorified Nerd audience. And in terms of feeling epic I feel like this trailer wins and on so many levels. Thankfully they changed the faux-Inception score from the first trailer, much more dialogue and visuals and plot, and it all just looks so intense and great. I love the TDKR trailer too, of course, but the and more and more I think about that movie the more I feel like the chances of it dissapointing could be great. And not just because The Dark Knight is The Dark Knight. 

Side note: at the top of my head, that is now 3 films with giant flying ships in them coming out this summer. The Avengers, The Dark Knight and now this. Someone make me a collage!


One comment

  1. I don’t know why you’re so excited about this, I looks kind boring. Like a remake of Alien… overall I get a Meh vibe from this trailer, though the action and explosions will be fun I guess.

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