WATCH: Season 3 Trailer For Showtime’s Hit Show ‘The Big C’

I discovered The Big C maybe a summer or two ago, I can’t remember the timeline and really, it’s irrelevant. What is relevant how f-cking good this show is. If you’re not watching this show you’re wasting you’re time on everything else. It’s one of the most well-written, well acted and genuine shows I’ve seen on television and Laura Linney is a genius in her role. Yes, a television show can be genuine.

So, here we have the trailer for the show’s third season. I like it. It looks good. It maybe gives away too much and I don’t know how much I’m going to love the idea of her life being turned into a movie. But, we’ll see where it goes. Also, is Allison Janney’s laugh contractually obligated to appear in the trailer for everything she happens to appear in? Let me know.

Anyways, The Big C returns sometime in April and I am more than excited. It’s just one of those I genuinely enjoy to sit there and watch. Talent all around.

Side note: Holy shit Susan Surrandon. Babe.


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