LOOK: Katniss Covers Rolling Stone

“Dude!” says Jennifer Lawrence into her cellphone. “I’m lost as fuck! I’ve been driving around for, like, 10 minutes. Where the hell is this place?”

Two things: I was thinking recently that Rolling Stone hasn’t done a cover or feature that I’ve cared about in a long while. They’ve just been off ever since that whole Snooki cover, right? And then I kind of thought the cast would cover it at some point and the next thing you know I was at the gas station and saw this staring at me and had to pick it up. Look at her! Babe.

So she’s at this point in her career now. Maybe the peak. 2 years ago, almost, no one even knew the name Jennifer Lawrence, and at the same time, the book The Hunger Games. Someone tweeted, “I just bought an Adele CD and The Hunger Games. Someone tell me what they like now, so I’ll now where my taste is in two years”. But actually.

The quote above is why I’ve fallen in love with this girl so quickly. The tomboyness of Kristen Stewart, mixed with the comedy stylings of Emma Stone, into one badass girl. (I’d love for her to host Saturday Night Live, of course). This is a great break for her, Lawrence, to cover RS. She’s not selling out, though I know some diehards will see it as that. “She went from indies and now does blockbusters! UGH” But as Lawrence has said, she was even resistant in doing The Hunger Games – but because the script was so good, she caved.

This one has a long career ahead of her. Trust me. She’ll keep us on our toes.



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