READ: Chloe Moretz Has Been Cast As Carrie And I Just Don’t Know

Yesterday news broke that Chloe Moretz (Kick Ass, Hugo and the upcoming Dark Shadows) has been cast as Carrie in the upcoming remake.

Let me give you a moment to slightly adjust the position in your chair.

As I noted with the Dark Shadows trailer, I’ve washed my hands with The Adult Child other wise known as Moretz. This girl is 15. Does she look close to 15 ? No. When I was 15 I was fat, I was pimpled, I was unkept and for a brief moment in time, I may have had some sweating issues (still do. jealous?). Everyone deals with the teenage experience differently, OF COURSE, some people are naturally good looking their entire lives and what not, but when I look at her I don’t buy that this child, is in fact a child. But it’s more than that and it has nothing to do with her, but the casting of her.

I am excited for this remake. I think it could (might) be really good. I believe that with the director of Boys Don’t Cry, we’re going to get a scary movie but also an emotionally frank film that speaks volumes about the teenage experience. Hollywood is known for casting older for younger. Someone on some Gossip 90210 Liars show out there is a 30 year-old playing a 16 year old. It’s weird and I don’t like when they do it but this is the rare case in which I wish they had.

I don’t mean I wish they had cast someone 30 to play Carrie, no, but I wish they’d cast someone 19. Someone close to 20. Someone who has been a teenager, gone through the roller coaster and can draw heavily on their experience. While Chloe Moretz is a good actress, and has picked a great script almost always (which leads me to believe why this project will be good), she is only 15. And with this Adult Child complex she had happening, and being home schooled as well, and a child actress, etc… not only is she too young and inexperienced to play the part, she might also overact and then it comes full circle. I’m half certain that previous sentence made zero sense, but you know what I mean.

And I seriously hate to make a post like this because we’ve all been there. We’ve all gotten “oh you don’t understand, you’re too young” line. A line that makes my skin crawl. True, I haven’t experienced everything BUT – and maybe this is me being a member of the generation of too much entitlement – I do know some things. I have experienced things. I fancy myself an old soul and take offense when people say I’m too young because it has nothing to anything and everything to do with anything.

So who knows? Maybe Moretz can absolutely destroy this part but, admittedly, their will be a disconnect.



  1. Well, the fact that she is better than average looking for her age AND that she was home-schooled could damage her performance more than her age. I have no problem with them casting a younger actress, but I believe Sissy Spacek was perfect in the original, because she no doubt had a little experience with high school bullies.

  2. The thing is, the part came down to two actresses, Moretz and Haley Bennett. And I think we can all agree that Moretz was the better decision. Like you said, she is a great actress. I have high hopes for this remake. Great post!

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