READ: Things Aren’t So Cool Cool Cool Behind The Scenes Of ‘Community’

ImageI’m sure you’ve heard this amazing news by now, but if you haven’t and youre coming to this dog and pony show I call a blog for your scoop well 1: thank you and b) let me break it down for you:

Dan Harmon, creator of Community. Chevy Chase, professional actor. Apparently the two of them don’t get along. So much so that on the last day of filming the finale of this season, Chase walked off of set during the closing scene, refusing to finish his scene because of apparently he didn’t find the script funny. At the wrap party for the show, Dan got up on stage told Chase to fuck himself in front of his wife and kids and asked everyone to join in. Chase then called Harmon, left a voicemail, which you can listen to attached.

I haven’t listened to it and I won’t unless I’m forced to and can’t escape it quick enough. I really don’t like listening to that kind of stuff. I don’t like being awkward or being placed in awkward situations, you know? Like this stuff is real. This isn’t Real Housewives of Whatever. 

Anyways, I am NOT surprised at all. Actually, ever since Community began I have always wondered why I rarely see Chase in interviews for the show, doing any press, barely showing up to anything. I wondered this because of his past which also led me to wonder if he got along with anyone on the set at all. Have you read the amazing Live From New York? It’s one of my favorite books ever. There is this story in there from when Chevy returned to host SNL after he left the show and how much of an asshole he was to everyone in particular the female writers. If you can find it online read it, it’s gold. So ya, I’m not surprised. ALmost everyone knows how much of an asshole Chevy Chase is. And Harmon isn’t denying it either. Check his Twitter account.

I can’t wait for this to unfold.


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