WATCH: A Really Strange & Hilarious Commercial For ‘Rachel & Joey’ #Friends #Throwback

Much like with everything else, I came across this on Twitter.

The writers for the show you’re probably still not watching but should be because it’s hilarious almost every week, Happy Endings, changed their Twitter account from @happywrites to @friendswrites for April Fool’s Day. For the entire day they posted throwback tweets, imagining in a sarcastic manner what the writers of Friends would have tweeted. Honestly, if you can scroll through them before they change over do it because it’s really entertaining if you were a fan of the show.

Side note: The more and more Happy Endings matures and becomes its own, I see less Friends and more Seinfeld. Thoughts? The characters are just so bad (in a good way) and the stuff they get themselves in together reminds me more of the quartet than the sixtette.

ANYWAYS, a fan Tweeted them with this gem which they retweeted. Watch and then we’ll discuss:

Exactly HOW is this commercial real? ENYA? ENYA? I know Enya was really big during this time with The Lord of the Rings and everything but I can’t. It’s TOO good. Where is this marketing now, NBC? I’d like a promo for Parks & Recreation with Enya in the background stat, thanks.  But this commercial provides me with mixed emotions. This is not the show I know and love, you know? This is probably why I never watched it when it was on TV. This is a ridiculous commercial. AND NO ONE LIKED RACHEL & JOEY.



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    Side note: I think Happy Endings is becoming more “How I Met Your Mother” than Seinfeld. But for me, Seinfeld is a sitcom where the characters think something good will happen but it (always) gets thrown back in their face (See, every episode of Seinfeld, ever).

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