MUST WATCH: Trailer For ‘Family Guy’ Creators First Feature Film ‘Ted’ Is Really Good. Really.


I’ve been waiting for this trailer for so, so long. Ever since this project was announced, I’ve been waiting. The premise of the movie is pretty much illustrated by the really well played out trailer. I know this kind of movie will divide the masses but honestly, HONESTLY, I love this trailer so much. I smiled the entire time. And while it didn’t make me gut laugh, the lines were genuinely funny. Like the trailer park name part? So on point. Jamie Lynn? Need we say more.

I don’t know why I feel like I have to convince you with this post that the trailer is really good, but it is. And this is original (though the Greg The Bunny comparisons are to be expected). I know there is already some issues people are having with the trailer about the voice being too similar to Peter Griffin, which, I completely understand but it is less similar sounding by the end of the trailer. I feel like this is one of those moments where I’m the only person who thinks this looks good.

And Mila Kunis. Enough said.


One comment

  1. The voice was SO perter griffin and I’m pretty much over the animated characters with humans.
    BUT, I still kind of want to see it, mainly for the trailer park names. That was hilarious. As long as it’s not like family guy (nonsensical and random) then I’m down to see it.
    Also pretty sure you forgot to mention the original sass mouth animated-human crossover movie- Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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