WATCH: The Fantastic Trailer For Woody Allen’s ‘Paris’ Follow Up ‘To Rome With Love’

I’ll be honest. The other day I went through the summer release schedule and I was surprisingly unimpressed. I kept waiting and waiting for something to popup and catch my attention. I’ll be at the superhero movies, of course, and I’ll be at Rock of Ages and everything else the summer has to offer that turns out to be of some quality, but I needed something for me. And until moments ago, I’d completely forgotten that Woody Allen’s Midnight In Paris follow up, To Rome With Love was coming out this summer.

Last summer, Midnight In Paris captivated audiences. Not accounting for the adjusted grosses of his previous films and the audience attendance, Paris become Allen’s highest grossing movie ever. I saw it in theaters and I f-cking loved it. It’s one of my favorites of last year; a real stand out. Now, with that said, while I loved it the film isn’t very including of anyone under the age of like 30 – except for cinephiles like us. It just wasn’t cool. Which is fine by me. What Paris lacked for the young crowd, I think Rome will really pick up and runaway with.

Ignoring the mediocre title, the trailer attached is fantastic. Of course it’s eerily similar to Paris; even the lighting is Paris-adjacent. What originally had me worried about this project is the cast. OF COURSE I love everyone involved but they’re all characters from different genres and sub-genres thrown into a Woody Allen movie. Ellen Page looks perfectly cast and I hope this role brings her a lot of attention. Alec Baldwin swims effortlessly through the trailer. Same goes for Jesse Eisenberg. And then there is Penelope Cruz speaking Italian. Of course the character i just a Sophia Loren version of her character from Vicky Cristina but that’s fine. NO ONE CARES.

In all honesty, I may be speaking out of my ass from just watching this trailer (which has given me the most obvious movie boner) but if this is marketed just right, expanded just enough, and ends up being good (With Woody these days it’s such a hit and miss) this could be MASSIVE. Paris was big, but this could be even bigger. I can’t wait.

I need to see this movie right now. Someone make this happen.


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