WATCH: The Second Trailer For ‘Rock Of Ages’ Shows More Tom Cruise, Same Amount of Ridiculous Fun

Here we have the second trailer for Adam Shankman’s movie adaptation of the hit broadway musical, Rock of Ages. I saw the musical when it was in Toronto. I enjoyed it. It was good. BUT, the entire time I kept thinking that it needed to be a movie. The stage (for the Toronto show) was just very limiting. It’s such a over-the-top, zealous and grand production with it’s songs and it’s ridiculousness that it would’ve been even better fleshed out. With that said, you come away from the production with a smile on your face and I think the same will be said for the film adaptation.

If Shankman knows one thing, it is how to make a joyous film and this is right up his alley. It looks good, it looks completely ridiculous, and it looks like it’s going to be a really fun time. Most of all though, it can be sold to both genders which, for a musical, is rare. I’ll speak for all of us and say we were unanimously not sold on Tom Cruise being cast in a musical, and though it’s quite obvious from the trailer his voice has been worked with in the studio, his performance should be good. He looks ridiculous, he’s completely out of character and he is having a great time and this is really what his career has needed. After Ghost Protocol being the huge hit it was, this will be a very nice follow up. There hasn’t been a hit musical since Mammia Mia! and every other one after has performed mediocrely. This summer needs something like this to go against the heavy handed Superhero platform it offers. I think this could do really well. And if it’s good, that helps too.


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